Hotel Marilena


We are proud of our cuisine, taken care of directly by the hotel’s owner Signora Marilena and her daughter Clea who, with passion and professionality and with many years’ kitchen experience, offer different dishes every day, all of which are simple but high-quality and, especially, prepared with fresh produce and coming mostly from nearby areas.

On a daily basis, we offer, both for lunch and dinner, a choice of three entrées and three main courses, a vegetarian menu and, upon request, a vegan menu, all served at your table, and the same applies to our various desserts and cheeses.

At the buffet, you will find hors d’oeuvres, vegetables and fruit. Special attention is given to persons who suffer from food intolerances, for example those who suffer from coeliac disease: a menu of choice is selected every day between these special guests and the hotel staff, and utmost care is put into the selection of products and the preparation of dishes.  

Fish is a common food with us, and it cannot be otherwise: our own family’s fishing tradition makes it possible for us to exploit the full value of this food, both as regards the search for quality products and their provenance and as regards their preparation.

If you like fish, seat yourself at our tables and you will end your meal fully satisfied. Our constant search for quality is evident also in the preparation of entrées, for which we use either home-made pasta or one of Italy’s most prestigious brands: De Cecco.

We cater to children’s tastes as well, preparing baby food, vegetable broth, mashed foods and all that is necessary for the little ones’ meals, with the possibility of moving up both their lunchtime and dinnertime with the greatest ease.

We really care about having you start your day with a varied self-service breakfast buffet, with all hot beverages being served at your table, prepared in the bar/café without using vending-type machines: our coffee is real espresso and our cappuccino is a real creamy cappuccino: nothing better to kick off your day!